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**Free Shipping for Domestic Orders over $100.00**


Eturnall Word Wearables

Our Purpose: Turning all to Jesus, for eternity.

Eturnall Word Wearables ( was established to help the more reticent believer share the hope that burns within. We know that everyone is not gifted to "cry aloud and spare not" but all who truly believe in Christ have a burning desire to share their hope. So we create wearable, readable, relatable faith tools to help us to encourage everyone to consider where they will spend eternity. Our objective is to help our customers share the wisdom of Jesus, THE ONLY WAY to the Father.

"ignite curiosity", without saying a word



Amazon Review:

A revealing portrait of how churches have misserd the mark to properly speak about Jesus Christ.

A deep, soul-searching expression of what it is like to realize the truth about religious institutions that failed to teach about what Christ is all about. This is excellent reading and you will not put it down until you've read the last word.

B. W. Thomas

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